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Welcome to Leisure Time on Dreamwidth. This journal is mainly to be a weekly roundup of everything that's going on at the official Leisure Time Blog. There may also be some announcements and other behind the scenes stuff.

So, what will you find on The Leisure Time Blog?
* Entertainment News/Commentary That Interests Me. Actual examples include My ongoing and kind of confusing feelings about NBC's Revolution, my revulsion at Guys with Kids, a high degree of squee over the latest SHIELD tv show news, and a post about people trying to get my town declared the unofficial Smallville. These happen as I feel like doing them.

* Long Hauls. A Long Haul is a project where I watch every episode of a complete series and do a post for each one. It's limited to shows that are no more than five seasons. Ideally, it will be a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. Right now, I'm watching Journeyman.

* Series in Review/Season Rewatches. Series that are longer than five seasons fall under these categories. It's essentially the same thing, only instead of going into episode detail, it's more of an overview/review of individual seasons, culminating in a review of the series as a whole. Right now I'm watching Smallville.

Other random reviews. Books, movies, other things that are fairly self-contained and worth talking about. Recently, I read Fahrenheit 451 for the first time.

So, you see, whatever you do in your leisure time, The Leisure Time Blog probably has something for you.


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